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     PV changing with the times

  • 1996
    PV was one of the first co. to introduce a small compact change giving machine the Azkoyen T6.  The T6 became the main cigarette vendor used in SA.

  • 1998
    PV introduces the first PV Can & Snack combi machine designed with Azkoyen. This machine is still in use today.

  • 2000
    PV manufactures the M12 for the mass market. This is the first machine to have more buttons than columns and is an instant massive success, making PV the largest tobacco vendor in SA.

  • 2006
    PV introduces the first note reading cigarette vending machine in SA.

  • 2007
    PV becomes first ever co. to be contracted to all 3 major tobacco companies simultaneously.

  • 2010
    PV reaches 90% smoking section compliancy with BAT months before any other vending co.



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