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  • How much does the cigarette vending machine cost?
    The machine does not cost you anything. In fact we pay you a commission per packet sold.

  • What brands can I put in the machine?
    We are affiliated with two of the major tobacco companies and will supply all their best selling most popular brands and a brand of your specific choice.

  • How is it beneficial for me?
    It provides a hassle free convenient service to you and your customers, allowing you to focus on your core business. View our unique offering and benefits.

  • How soon can you install?
    We have a 24 hour standby team and can install at your earliest convenience.

  • I am only opening in 6 months time. Do I need to order a machine now?
    It is advisable to place an order with your sales representative as soon as possible to reserve the most suitable machine for your establishment.

  • Who determines the selling price?
    The prices are market related and negotiable.

  • Who will take care of maintaining my machine?
    When PV services your venue, you will be assigned an area representative who will take personal responsibility for ensuring your machine is kept operational and fully stocked.

  • What support can I expect if my machine needs servicing?
    Simply telephone your area rep or our Customer Care line (021 972 1114) and someone will be there within 24 hours to assist you.



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